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I'll try to respond quickly. Put your question at the TOP of the list (just under the horizontal line) so we'll have the most recently asked/answered first. Add the next number in the same style as the preceding questions. When you're finished, insert a Horizontal Line (click on the icon in the Editor bar) below your question. Then Save.

Q: Do I need to sign my work?

A: The system tracks authors, so it's not necessary to sign your work. The username you select will appear as the author. Before we go live online, you will have the opportunity to change your name from the recommended format for our class (which is similar to your ND userid, e.g., dcrafton).

Q: Can I make the text larger or smaller? It's so tiny I can't read it.

A: Use the "View" tab on your browser to change the onscreen text size.

Q: What happened to my page?!

A: The Organizer (DC) or someone else probably moved it or modified it. Don't forget that wikis are collaboratively authored. When ever this is done, an entry should be made under the page's "Discussion" tab to explain the changes. If you (or anyone else) would like to challenge the change, you should debate this on the Discussion page first.

Q: How do you edit the title of the topic page if you want to make it more specific?

A: After some drilling, I (DC) found this on the Help pages (click on the link on the upper right of the screen). Here's the "official" answer. Since I'm the only "organizer," no one else can actually do this. (Might be a problem if I croak. Must think about this....)
How do I rename a page? Only organizers can rename a page on the space. To do so,
  1. Click "Manage Space."
  2. Click "List Pages."
  3. Click "rename" next to the page you wish to rename.
  4. Type in your new page name. Any pages which link to the old name will be redirected to your new page.
So you can send me an e-mail and I'll rename the page for you.

Unofficially, you could try this: Copy everything on your page onto the clipboard. Open a New Page, giving it the revised title. Paste the info from the old page there and save. In the Links and Documents area, create the link to the new page. (If you've already created a link to the old page, simply delete the link before creating the new one.) If you send me an e-mail, I'll delete the old one for you. This might actually be easier for both of us.

Q: Yikes! I accidentally erased a bunch of my text while editing an article. How can I recover it?

A: Click the "Cancel" button without saving. Then reopen with "Edit This Page." The system will ask you if you want to use a recovered draft. It will revert to the last Save or Auto Save.

Q: Why don't I see the Visual Editor? I only have the option for using the text editor, which shows a bunch of codes when I insert bold, or links or references.

A: If you use Mac's Safari browser, you won't be able to use the Visual Editor, only the Text Editor. (I actually prefer the latter, but you may not.) To use the VE on a Mac, download the FireFox browser. UPDATE: Safari now (2009) supports both the VE and the TE.

Q: Can I search this FAQ page?

A: Yes, just use the search feature in the box under Actions on the left. You can also use your browser's search feature.