Note: Don't Be Alarmed or Confused if the "Emile Cohl" page pops up. That's what the CineWiki page template looks like.

1. In the Navigator bar visible on the left, click on the + sign. The "New Page" button should be highlighted. Ignore the URL and TAG info.
2. Type in the name of your page.
  • Note that CW doesn't allow colons in filenames, so use - or _ or a comma (E.g., "CW Authors_Start Here"). All punctuation is allowed in the text title (E.g., "CW Authors: Start Here").
  • If you wish to use the CW Template option (recommended) select that. An "Emile Cohl" page will pop up. Just modify it as needed.
3. Preview and Save your title page.
4. Make your page a link and a sub-link (if needed) in the appropriate CW categories.
5. Edit the page to replace the material in the template with your own topic title, name, and status: "Pat Doe: Work in Progress"
6. See how your new page looks by viewing it in the WikiText Editor.