CineWiki Authors: Start Here

1. Selecting Topics

Has something in a lecture sparked your curiosity? Have you ever just wondered about some topic like, "were there silent gangster films" or "what were movies like in my or grandparents' or great-grandparents' time and place"? Now is your chance to answer those burning questions! Here are some suggestions on how to begin your selection.

CineWiki has four large topic categories:
  • People (Personnel, Personalities)
  • Places (Production, Exhibition, National cinemas)
  • Films (Titles, Studios, Genres, Movements)
  • History (Subjects, Approaches, Critical Engagement)

With this in mind, you might: Review past lectures; Skim through the chapters of T&B that cover up to 1945 (more or less), including their references and suggestions for further research; Or browse through CineWiki to find inspiration, but also to locate "stubs," that is, very short or abandoned articles, that could be developed or improved. There are also some online sources that might be helpful, although (as always), accuracy is not guaranteed:

For the assignment, please plan to develop two long articles, or one long and two short articles. Submit to Professor Crafton for approval before beginning.

2. Create pages

Your article needs a concise title. Note that CW doesn't allow colons in filenames, so use - or _ or a comma (E.g., "CW Authors_Start Here"). All punctuation is allowed in the text title (E.g., "CW Authors: Start Here"). For instructions, see Add a Page in the How To section. Be sure to brand your page at the top with your name and status line ("Pat Doe Work in Progress"). You'll erase this when the page has been finished.

Understand that your work will have to conform to all the formatting rules in the CineWiki Stylesheet. Picky! Picky! Picky!

Important resources for writing, formatting, and researching may be found here:

3. Explore and Experiment

Check you work as it progresses with the WikiText Editor to keep it free of junk.
For the body of the text, it is best to compose it in MS Word, save it as plain text (.TXT), then paste it in. Otherwise you import the dreaded junk. Look at other CW entries with the WikiText Editor to see how your page should be formatted.

4. Preview and Save

Regularly, but especially when you're finished or pausing. Otherwise, you'll lose work.